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I am so glad you are still reading because that has got to be the worst title ever. If nothing else, I am pretty honest. Since leftover steak is what this post is about, that is the title. I probably could have gotten away with the title MAGIC! because that is what happens when you take leftover steak and transform it into something different.

There really isn’t any dish that tastes as good the next day. Pizza tastes different, chili and spaghetti sauce may taste better, but trying to recreate the exact meal you had a night or two ago from the leftovers in your fridge rarely happens. Thanksgiving dinner may be the only exception.

Leftovers are a reality for us all however and I think if you are creative, you can find some way to make use of them. Think about how many uses you find for that leftover turkey after Thanksgiving: Turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey sandwiches, and on and on.

We had a great meal out the other night at The Met – a Seattle steakhouse that is one of my favorite (and most expensive) guilty pleasures. Truth be told, I can’t finish a whole steak anymore. Especially since our favorite steak at The Met is the long-bone rib-eye. We first tried this steak last winter and decided to go for it again. While we managed some self-control and decided to share the steak, 36 ounces is a whole lotta meat. That meant leftovers.

In the back of our minds, I think the Mister and I were both looking forward to leftovers, since we knew that would mean steak sandwiches. Gavin made up the sandwich below from leftovers from our last steak, and it’s a keeper. This is a very ad-hoc recipe. Feel free to adapt it to your own preferences. You may prefer a different type of bread or cheese. I have made it with caramelized onions and blue cheese and it is insanely delicious. I think the only key elements are the steak (obviously), the mayo and the butter. There is no sense trying to make this sandwich low calorie, low-fat or at all healthy. So don’t try.

Steak Sandwiches

Leftover steak, sliced thin
Onion, thinly sliced
Dijon or spicy mustard (I like Edmund Fallot, the hubs likes Gulden)
Cheddar cheese
Sliced sourdough bread

Butter what will be the outsides of each slice of bread liberally. On the inside of each slice of bread, spread a generous amount of mayo. Add a little mustard to one side as well. Place the slices in a skillet over low heat, butter side down. Sprinkle some or all of the onions on one side and slices of the cheese on the other.

In the meantime…heat another skillet over medium heat. Melt a little butter in the pan and then add some of the onions (unless you want them all raw). Add the sliced leftover steak. Sauté until the meat is warm through and all the pink (if there was any), is gone.

Transfer the hot onion and meat mix to one side of the bread. Top is with the other slice of bread – butter side up. Raise the heat to medium and cook and flip until each slice of bread is golden brown and the cheese is melted. Slice in half and enjoy.

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