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Kettle Chips

Potato chips may just be my kryptonite. Like a magnet, I am drawn to them at parties, in vending machines and at the grocery store. My worst encounter with The Evil Potato Chips is always at Costco. They sell these ginormous bags of Kettle Chips for about four bucks and I can never resist buying a bag.

Well, sure enough I succumbed to the temptation again this week. I went to Costco for my usual staples: sugar, chocolate chips, cat litter, cream, Triscuits, Parmigiano Reggiano and honey. What? Those aren’t your Costco staples? Whatevs. The minute I walked in the door, I was faced with The Evil Potato Chips. There is evidently a big sporting event on teevee tomorrow and Costco was pushing snack foods and flat screen teevees right as you walked in the door. Sometimes, sometimes, I can avoid The Evil Potato Chips, but not this time.

They were the first thing I put in my cart.

Don’t let the package deceive you. “Lightly Salted” is abunchofbullshit – as my dad likes to say. These thick, crunchy, ridged fried chips of potato are salted with a pretty heavy hand. It’s as if the staff of Novartis Pharmaceuticals volunteered to “lightly” salt the chips. Yeah, right. Consider yourself warned.

So, if you are planning to watch some teevee tomorrow. Or, are just looking for a salt fix – find yourself a bag of Kettle Chips and dive right in.

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