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I have amassed a pretty sizeable collection of wine over the years. The wine rack in my basement holds 60 bottles and is nearly always full. The thing is, while we do drink a lot of wine, we also love to tour wineries and join wine clubs. So, the number of bottles in our “cellar” ebbs and flows a great deal.

Some of our favorite “weeknight” wines currently, include Lenore Syrah from Corvidae and Mi Terruño Malbec (imported by my friends at Elemental Importers). During our travels and tastings however, we have bought some pretty nice bottles that we are saving…for a special occasion.

But what is a special occasion? I used to think that we’d save these wines for occasions like milestone birthdays and anniversaries, but all that changed a few years ago after I heard an essay on NPR. I know, I know…”an essay on NPR.” SNORE. But, it wasn’t one of those “This I Believe” hokey stories. This guy was talking about wine, and what he said really struck a cord with me.

The story went something like this (I can’t find it online unfortunately): Guy meets girl, they get married, they are given a great bottle of wine as a wedding gift and decide they are going to save it for a “special occasion.” Anniversaries and birthdays come and go and they still put off drinking the wine. Then, kids arrive and life gets busy and they forget to drink the wine. Then, the wife gets cancer and passes away. But they never drank the wine.

Yeah, I KNOW! The story continues about how this man – now a widower- later gives a newly married couple a nice bottle of wine as a wedding gift and tells them to “drink it on a Tuesday.” Well, this story made me cry my eyes out. After that, I immediately went down to the basement and grabbed one of our own special wines.

The thing is, any day can be a special occasion. And you know what, people – life is too short to be “collecting” things you should be ENJOYING. A couple of years prior to hearing that essay, I lost my brother to cancer. He was 38. Last year, we lost a friend to cancer as well. She was 37. I am celebrating the 40th birthday of a dear friend this Saturday, but on Monday I opened a nice bottle of champagne. And celebrated life.

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